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Physical Education

Physical Education is a required subject for all students in grades K-12.  When students reach the commencement level of the learning standards for physical education, they will have the knowledge and skills to participate in a variety of healthy activities; understand and appreciate the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; understand how to evaluate and access resources in their community to pursue a healthy and active life;  and will be aware of the many career opportunities available in this field.
Students should come prepared with clothing appropriate for the weather, including but not limited to sneakers, jackets, coats, and gloves as we will be going outside most days.  In PE at P.S. 86, students learn to work as a team, develop healthy personal fitness habits, as well as set fitness goals now and throughout their lives. PE is not recess, or a before or after school club, it is a training for a healthy way of life.
For more information or to contact the physical education department, please contact Mr. Laneri at [email protected]
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