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The dance program at PS 86 The Irvington School is grounded in a student-centered approach. The dance curriculum integrates dance history, notation, movement explorations, and dance-making that is tied to NYC DOE’s dance blueprint. Several units can be connected to content in other classrooms, such as science, social studies, reading, and writing while meeting the common core standards. The dance program is based on creative dance but highlights numerous genres such as ballet, modern, and contemporary dance as well as a variety of social and world dance styles. The program emphasizes the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
Over the course of the year, there are a variety of dance performances as well as graduation performances for both kindergarten and fifth grade. In addition, students and parents are invited to attend performances by the Paul Taylor Dance Company and American Ballet Theater. Lastly, PS 86 The Irvington School has partnered with Movement Research, Together in Dance, and Inside Broadway.  
For more information or to contact the dance department, please contact Ms. Potaznik at [email protected]
 Shadow figures of dancers