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We recognize the importance the arts play in our students’ academic and emotional development. Given a creative outlet to express themselves, our students have shined in many outlets: from musical performances to art showcases. As he has done for several years now, our music teacher, Mr. McKoy commits his time to working with students outside of the official school day, meeting with them before and after school.
His band of more than thirty students (grades 2-5) meets twice a week for an hour after school. The band members are all students performing on a level 3 in music, they understand the elements of music as taught to them over the years and can read music. During this time, they prepare for the winter and spring concerts. The band consists of students playing instruments in the four musical families: woodwind, brass, string and percussion (pitch and non-pitch). Students learn to play the recorder, keyboard, xylophone, cymbals, tambourine, triangle, synthesizer, tubular bells, clarinet, baritone horn, trombone, alto saxophone, electric guitar, electric bass, violin and cello specifically.
Every June the students participate in the final assembly (5th grade graduation). The choral and band students perform for the parents and distinguished guests. Our music teacher also oversees the audio visual crew. Participating students in grades 3-5 are trained to work the spotlights and set up and monitor the sound system during performances. He will continue to teach students how to read music starting in kindergarten. Mr. McKoy incorporates many movement activities to get children to distinguish different beats and to get rhythm. They gradually move on to sight reading music, clapping out the beat or using cymbals or rhythm sticks. Students who show proficiency graduate to playing the keyboard.
By January, all students are beginning to play instruments. By second grade, they are learning the recorder, clarinet and alto saxophone. Throughout the course of their tenure here, all students will  have had the opportunity to master multiple instruments and learn how  to read music.
For more information or to contact the music department please contact Mr. McKoy at [email protected]
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