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Attendance ↗️

Our schools are safe and supportive environments and the classroom is a better place when your child is here. More time in school means your child will get the social-emotional and academic support they need to thrive, learn, and be happy.

Award certificate for perfect attendance in September.

Attendance Awards

Congratulations to each of the students who have received awards for the months they have had perfect attendance! Congratulations to the parents, guardians, and families of those students for helping your students attend school!

March Madness Reading Contest

Starting March 15th, PS 86 K’s March Madness reading contest will begin. Every Monday, students will receive a reading log for the week and will return it completed the following Monday.

Each week, classes will compete to move up in the bracket system and face another class. On April 4th, the final winner will be announced.

Students can read physical books from home or their book baggies OR can go online to MyOn and read. Reading logs should be filled out for reading time done at home only. Extra points will be given to students with the highest MyOn reading minutes.

March Madness Bulletin Board. website logo. ↗️

Students should log into myON using their TeachHub ↗️ accounts. Log in with your NYC username and password. Find the blue icon for the Clever app. Click on the MyOn icon to access books!

Book of the Month

Each month students have a book of focus based on character development to build their love of reading while increasing their vocabulary. Videos of staff members reading books aloud will be shared on the Book of the Month page.


Awards Assemblies are scheduled to follow each marking period in November, March, and May to celebrate the students' achievements.

Gold ribbons are awarded to students who are performing above grade level in all academic areas (Level 4), have good behavior, and complete homework and classwork. Silver ribbons are awarded to students who are meeting grade level expectations across all subject areas (Level 3), satisfactory behavior, classwork and homework. Blue ribbons are awarded to students who are showing great effort at meeting the standards (Level 2) with satisfactory behavior, classwork and homework.