Messages from the Superintendent

Happy New Year

Greetings District 32 Community,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We feel extremely blessed to be able to ring in the New Year and look forward to all the wonderful things in store for us in 2023. District 32 is a District at HOPE, where each and every adult working in service of our children believe and actively promote the success and significance of every child-no exceptions. Here, Education is PERSONAL. We actively collaborate across stakeholder groups to cultivate authentic, student-driven learning experiences in the classroom today and every day in order to develop the strong, successful, and significant leaders of tomorrow that we know each of our scholars are capable of.

We continue to focus our efforts around our 3 anchors: Accelerating Teaching and Learning, Advancing Equity, and Activating Community.

To accelerate teaching and learning, we continue to support schools in cultivating conditions for excellence for ALL scholars and families by investing in our people. We are building capacity at every level-- through district wide professional learning for our teachers, or more targeted coaching supports for individual school level teams; through monthly Leadership Learning Conferences designed to strengthen the instructional leadership principals and assistant principal; through the launch of our Districtwide Here to be Heard Series for parents and families —we are committed to equipping educators and families with what they need to know in order to better serve our scholars.

To advance equity, we are creating more space for student voice and perspective. We are visiting classrooms, speaking with students, and analyzing data—refining our lens for instruction to include not just WHAT students are learning but WHICH students are learning. We are having difficult conversations with school leaders and educators and ultimately working to identify and address bias and inequity in classroom experiences in order to build a more welcoming and affirming learning environment for all students.

To activate community, we are working hand in hand with our elected officials, our community partners, and our families to advocate for the needs of our scholars and families. We continue to host opportunities to communicate with diverse stakeholders and gather their feedback to identify pressing issues across Bushwick. We’ve partnered with local organizations to host Backpack Giveaways, Food Pantries, Coat Drives and Toy Drives to meet the unique needs of our families. We know that when we support the needs of our families and our scholars outside the classroom, that we foster more successful conditions for learning inside the classroom.

As your very proud Superintendent, I am at awe at how much we have accomplished in the past year at each of our schools and within our District as a whole. But there is more work to do—I am excited because 2023 is our year of impact. Brilliance lives in District 32. It is my mission to scale this brilliance across every classroom in every school for every scholar. I invite each of you to join us in our efforts.

I will end with this. New Year’s is a time for resolutions and improvement goals that come with building good habits. Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” The pursuit of excellence is a continuous process we engage in in service of our scholars—they deserve nothing less. We will continue to build in habits of excellence for our scholars, our families, our educators and our community—NO EXCEPTIONS.

Dr. Rebecca Lozada


Happy Holidays

The holiday season is often filled with festive celebrations and time with family and friends. It is also the perfect moment for me to celebrate you and everything you have done to make such a memorable year for District 32.

Our newly expanded District 32 Team includes leads that are dedicated to supporting our scholars, our school, and our families in areas such as ELA, Math, Special Education, Multilingual Learners, Attendance, and Social Emotional Learning.

Our schools continue to work hard to ensure that each and every one of our students receives what they so rightfully deserve: rigorous and relevant learning experiences that prepare them to be the strong, successful, and significant leaders of tomorrow we know they are capable of becoming.

To our school communities: principals, assistant principals, teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff (parent coordinators, social workers, school counselors, deans, service providers, school aides, etc.) thank you for all you’ve done in service of our scholars. You are on the front lines, the first, kind face a child encounters in our system. Thank you for championing their cause tirelessly.

To our students: never forget that you are brilliant and amazing and capable of success and significance—no exceptions. I’m always awed by your insight whenever I have the privilege of speaking to you during our school visits. You are our future. Dream big, work hard, and give back. And know, we are cheering for you at every step.

To our families: thank you for entrusting us with your most precious gifts each and every day. Continue to connect with us. We are here to support you and to work with you to cultivate successful learning spaces both at home and at school.

To our community: thank you CEC and Presidents’ Council for your continued support. We are indebted to the various local leaders and organizations who have offered to partner with us to address the needs of our community. The backpack giveaways, the food pantries, and the toy drives are just a few examples. We look forward to our continued efforts to serve our community together.

Sending each of you my very best wishes for a safe, joyous, and healthy holiday season. Take advantage of the holiday season to rest and recharge as we anticipate 2023 and all it will bring as we ensure an impact that advances our students, teachers, and leaders.


Dr. Rebecca Lozada


Winter Wonderland

Selah City invites community district 32 to our Winter Wonderland on Saturday, December 17th, from 1:00pm to 4:00 pm. There will be tons of free winter fun to enjoy!

JHS 383

1300 Greene Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11237

Including: DJ, Bounce House, Pictures with Santa, Toy Giveaway, Hot Chocolate, and More!

Fall 2022 Message

To our District 32 Families,

The crisp and cool sights and scents of Fall snuck up on us overnight—the summer heat has been replaced with cozy sweaters, colorful leaves, pumpkins, and apples. Last month, we welcomed back our students and families to our schools and successfully launched the 2022-2023 school year. Our District Team has been busy, visiting each of our schools and providing onsite support to administrators, teachers, and students. We’ve also engaged directly with our families and community at a variety of events to listen and learn-- the Bushwick Community Resource Fair, various Backpack Giveaway events, and our District 32 Breakfast with Community Leaders, just to name a few. We know that in order to work towards fulfilling our vision of supporting the success and significance of each and every child we have the privilege of serving, we must work as a community of one to scale excellence.

“Successful leaders do consistently what other people do occasionally.” – Craig Groeschel

During our Leadership Learning Conferences with our principals and assistant principals, I communicated the role of habits in the success of any organization. What we make time to cultivate shows what is important. I challenged each of our school leaders to identify a good leadership habit they would start that would help them to have a successful school year of IMPACT and significance. I challenge each of us to reflect on a small habit we can adopt in our personal and/or professional lives that will help us to be more purposeful in whatever roles and responsibilities we hold. As a student, one can set an intention to wake up ten minutes earlier every day in order to go over some math

fluency facts may lead to better math scores. As a parent, we can set aside 20 minutes a day to read to or with our children to help them build a love of literacy. As a teacher, we can set aside 15 minutes of the day to check in with our scholars and focus on their wellbeing. There are only 24 hours in each day, which is comprised of 1,440 minutes. Small habits don’t take up too much time in our day. But by intentionally embedding these habits consistently, we set ourselves up for success. Small habits lead to a large impact. I challenge all of us to start a good habit today!

As a District, my team and I will continue to make a habit of holding time and space to support and engage with our schools and our community, because it matters. We will continue to advocate for our scholars and invest in our educators in order to accelerate teaching & learning, advance equity, and activate the community. Our scholars deserve nothing less.


Dr. Rebecca Lozada

Chat With The Superintendent

Community Superintendent Dr. Rebecca Lozada cordially invites you to our District 32 event: "Chat With The Superintendent."

Where we welcome all parents & families of District 32 to some sit down and have a chat with Community Superintendent Dr. Lozada.

*Breakfast will be provided.

Where: District 32 Office

797 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11221

When: September 12th, 2022

9:00 AM In- Person

5:00 PM Virtually via Zoom ↗️

Back to School September 2022

The heat of the Summer is slowly ebbing away. Soon the crisp Fall breeze will take its place, signaling the start of another school year. As an educator, September has always been a new beginning, a source of excitement and potential. Over the course of the past two months, our District 32 team has been re-vamping itself, growing our team, and engaging with principals, teachers, and community leaders to plan for the coming year. We’ve reflected on all the great work that is happening at each of our 19 schools. More importantly, we’ve asked ourselves about what we can and must do better, in service of our students and families. Our primary purpose is to ensure that all our scholars have access to excellence across all grades, classrooms, and schools in order to prepare them for a life of success and significance—NO EXCEPTIONS, and we will not stop until we deliver on this promise!

As your very proud Superintendent, I am happy to share that our District 32 Team has expanded, to include many educators and professionals that will be supporting each of our schools in this work as it pertains to our three anchor priorities—accelerating teaching & learning, advancing equity, and activating the community. As we go about this work of transformation, I am reminded of the butterfly and what it represents.

Maya Angelou once said, “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” Our community has been through a lot. But with challenge comes opportunity. I’ve seen the resilience in our scholars and families, as well as our educators and leaders. I’ve witnessed the greatness that can come from moments of darkness. As a District, we’ve accomplished so much in spite of the obstacles that have been posted.

So as we welcome our students and families back to school on September 8, 2022, I challenge us all to continue to move forward, to scale and sustain what works, and to advocate for change in areas that are not serving us well. This is our year of impact and significance—we are committed to ensuring that all our efforts culminate in the classroom experience for our scholars. We cannot do this alone. We invite you to join us in advocating for our scholars, families, and school communities. Ask questions. Share your perspectives and your expertise. Engage with local officials. Participate in school-wide and district-wide activities. Your input is expected and respected. Let’s make this school year the most successful one yet!


Dr. Rebecca Lozada

June 2022 Message to the Community

The academic year is almost over! And I can't help but reflect on all the work we've done and how much all of us have accomplished in service of our children. I am in awe of the growth of each of our scholars. One particular student comes to mind. He began the year as a struggling learner who shied away from talking in class. On my most recent visit to the school, however, he was the star of the school play! He delivered his convincing performance loud and proud. He found his voice and was no longer afraid to shine in front of his peers.

There are several examples of transformation similar to the one I just described in each of our schools. The confidence, the positivity, and the energy of our scholars really say it all. None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of every single adult working within our school buildings- your contributions help to set a culture in which students feel welcomed, affirmed, and challenged to pursue a life of success and significance- NO EXCEPTIONS.

As a District leader, my team and I continue to be committed to accelerating learning, advancing equity, and activating community in service ALL our scholars. We are in the midst of reflecting on the challenges and successes from this past school year in order to plan for the 2022-2023 schools year. Thank you for all the support and input you've provided our leaders, our teachers, our schools,, and our District across the year.

So as we wrap up the school year, I'd like to first congratulate our graduates. This is just the beginning of your road to brilliance. We are so proud of what you have accomplished and know there is so much more in store. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle. For everyone else, please enjoy the embrace of the hot summer sun. May you experience lots of laughter and fun whether you are running through sprinklers at the playground or curling up with a good book inside your home. Stay safe, be well, and look forward to more great things to come at District32- on the move!

Dr. Rebecca Lozada