Bushwick Magnet Multimedia and Arts Academy

Our goal is to provide a multimedia production experience for all students to improve communication skills by building language through vocabulary development.


Studio NYC’s Residency Program helps students develop art-making knowledge and skills so they can express themselves through the language of art. Students learn that thinking like an artist means experimenting, looking closely, and finding creative solutions.   

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Take Two Film Academy logo

With Take Two Film Academy, students work with professional filmmakers and media literacy experts to plan, execute, and edit their own film projects. Students also learn to analyze and interpret various forms of media content, an essential skill for life in the 21st century.

Finding Your Rhythm thru Education or F.Y.R.E. ZONE is an entertainment company with a passion for injecting youth with a “fyre” for the universal language of music.  The vision is to attract and develop “fyre-crackers” musical talent so they can “fyre-up” their peers!  

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