Fourth Grade

The fourth-grade team just took our first trip! The fourth graders went to the Materials for the Arts and the students enjoyed making beautiful pieces of art from recycled materials. In reading the fourth grade teachers have been working on different skills and strategies to help the students become stronger readers. During writing instructional time, the students are finishing up revising and editing their personal narratives. When the writing pieces are completed, we will celebrate with a publishing party where students can share their wonderful stories with each other. During math instruction, we are working to fluidly add and subtract multi-digit numbers in both numerical and story problem formats. During science we are learning about energy and during social studies we are learning about geography. Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for fourth-grade updates next month! 🙂

Class full of students holding up paper masks in front of their faces.

Students in 4-1 showing the masks they created with used materials.

Two students cutting and gluing construction paper.

Class 4-2

Group of students looking and listening to the field trip instructor.

Class 4-2

Two students sitting at desks working on a writing assignment.

Class 271 working hard during reading centers.

Three students wearing science goggles holding homemade catapults.

Class 271 observing how energy can occur in different forms during science instruction.

Group of students listening to an art instructor showcase a wall of art materials.

Class 4-2

Units Of Study

Into Reading Units

  • Identity

  • Five Sense

  • Challenges

  • Goals

  • Art

  • Earth's Natural Wonders

  • Traditional Stories

  • Nutrition

  • Conservation

  • Communication

Envision Math Topics

  1. Generalize Place Value Understanding

  2. Fluently Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Whole Numbers

  3. Use Strategies and Properties to Multiply by 1 Digit Numbers

  4. Use Strategies and Properties to Multiply by 2 Digit Numbers

  5. Use Strategies and Properties to Divide by 1 Digit Numbers

  6. Use Operations with Whole Numbers to Solve Problems

  7. Factors and Multiples

  8. Extend Understanding of Fraction Equivalence and Ordering

  9. Understanding Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

  10. Extend Multiplication Concepts to Fractions

  11. Represent and Interpret Data on Line Plots

  12. Understand and Compare Decimals

  13. Measurement: Find Equivalence in Units of Measure

  14. Algebra: Generate and Analyze Patterns

  15. Geometric Measurement: Understand Concepts of Angles and Angle measurement

  16. Lines, Angles, and Shapes