Fifth Grade

Units Of Study

Reading Units 1-3

  1. Inventors at Work

    • Essential Question: What kinds of circumstances push people to create new inventions?

    • Central Idea • Retell/Summarize • Author’s Purpose • Point of View • Theme

  2. What A Story

    • Essential Question: How does genre affect the way a story is told?

    • Text and Graphic Features • Synthesize • Literary Elements • Figurative Language • Literary Elements

  3. Natural Disasters

    • Essential Question: How can learning about natural disasters make us safer?

    • Author’s Craft • Make and Confirm Predictions • Text Structure • Figurative Language • Content-Area Words

Envision Math Topics

  1. Understand Place Value

  2. Add And Subtract Decimals To Hundredths

  3. Fluently Multiply Multi-Digit Whole Numbers

  4. Use Models And Strategies To Multiply Decimals

  5. Use Models And Strategies To Divide Whole Numbers

  6. Use Models And Strategies To Divide Decimals

  7. Use Equivalent Fractions To Add And Subtract Fractions

  8. Apply Understanding Of Multiplication To Multiply Fractions

  9. Apply Understanding Of Division To Divide Fractions

  10. Understand Volume Concepts

  11. Convert Measurements

  12. Represent And Interpret Data

  13. Algebra: Write And Interpret Numerical Expressions

  14. Graph Points On The Coordinate Plane

  15. Algebra: Analyze Patterns And Relationships

  16. Geometric Measurement: Classify Two- Dimensional Figures